DIY Glossybox make up organizer

Hey guys,

today I will show you an amazing idea how to re-use some boxes you have probably collected over the years.

I think just using the boxes and leaving around the stuff is so boring and the need to lift the lid if you search anything in the box is more than annoying…

So if you are a subscriber of the Glossybox’es or a lover of the little sweet nice looking boxes in general, then you would be surprised what a great idea a girl named JanBan had to re-use the (Glossy)box’es!


Okay so how does it work?

Some of you had seen my version of the Glossybox make up organizer already and asked me how I made it.


I couldn’t provide an exact step by step instruction, because I haven’t made pictures at the production. But I’ll share the link to the original inventor of this idea: JanBan’s Blog

As I loved to have more color in my organizer, I used the pink box as an eye-catcher in the middle of all drawers and on top :)

What I also did a lil’ bit different as JanBan:

I used a hot-glue gun…works out faster and I think probably it puts things together stronger.

Also I used a cutter instead of a scissor, because it could get hard to get thru the cardboard with a scissor if you want exact cut out lines.

After I did all the steps, I decided to decorate the cut out lines with some decorating tape to look nicer. But in decorations creativity is endless, so do it how your ideas flow ;)

If you don’t want to use the finished organizer for your make up, maybe it’s an idea for your desktop or anything else?

I hope you enjoy the DIY idea and you’re welcome to post comments or links to show your execution of it :)


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